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To ensure that your installations are in a good state of use and that will not cause unexpected problems that may result in significant economic costs (production stoppages, non-compliance with delivery deadlines, costly repair, etc.) We propose to carry out the preventive maintenance.

Preventive maintenance consists in the carrying out of periodic checks that allow to detect errors or defects before they cause more serious failures and important losses in your company. We have a thermography service that allows us to perform the preventive maintenance and correct the defects minimizing the damage to the installation.

The regulations:

  • High Voltage Installations: According to RD 337/2014 regarding Power plants, substations and transformation centers, an inspection must be carried out by an Authorized Control Agency every 3 years.
  • According to ITC-22 of RD 337/2014, all these installations must subscribe to a maintenance contract with an authorized company such as ours.
  • Low Voltage Installations: According to the RD 842/2002 regarding installations that distribute electrical energy, generate electricity for its own consumption and the receivers, an inspection must be carried out by an Authorized Control Agency every 5 years.

After formalizing a maintenance contract for your high or low voltage installations, we offer you the accompanying service in periodic inspections, managing the necessary procedures.

We can also help you with any type of breakdown in your installations, and advise on the decision that is most appropriate for you.