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Legal notice

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According to the Spanish law “Ley orgánica 15/1999”, from 13th December, regarding protection of personal data and other legal regulations in force, all the personal data provided by the user will be treated confidentially and will be used for the sole purpose described in each case.

About copyright, texts, images, documents and all other contents included in this web, they are all property of Aplitelc S.L., with DNS address www.aplitelc.com, with head office and residence in:

Polígono Industrial La Sala, C/ St. Marçal, parcela 6 - 08692 Puig-reig .

So Aplitelc S.L. is authorized to use the published material. Any transmission, distribution, cession, reproduction, commercialization, storage, public communication or transformation, total or partial, needs the specific and written consent of Aplitelc S.L. About the copyright, the contents and graphic elements from the web www.aplitelc.com are exclusive ownership of Aplitelc S.L. and its authors (Produccions Èldar) and have the status of protected work, according to the “Reial decret legislatiu 1/1996”, from 12th April, in which intellectual property law is approved. This is also in agreement with the international treaties about the subject.


Terms of use

Aplitelc S.L. is not responsible for the content, accuracy and updating of the information that comes from any other natural person or legal entity and appears in the web or in links from the web. Aplitelc S.L. is not responsible for the use of the information in the web, although it will be necessary to respond to the warnings that appear for some specific documents and applications. The data provided by the users will not be used for other purpose than the stated in each case, and will not be supplied to third parties, according to the rule of personal data protection that lays down the law “Ley orgánica de protección de datos” (15/1999, from 13th December).

Aplitelc S.L. does not guarantee that the web and the server are free of virus and is not responsible for the damages caused by the access to the web or the impossibility to do it. This web and all its contents, including the texts, images, sound, database and any other material, are the property of Aplitelc S.L., of some company or institution linked to Aplitelc S.L. or of third parties.

Aplitelc S.L. reserves the right to momentarily modify, extend or cancel the presentation, configuration, technical specifications and services in the Site, at any moment and with no prior notice. The aim of Aplitelc S.L. is to ensure that this web works with the maximum efficiency and that it keeps the purpose for which is has been created, using all the ways available to achieve it, but it is not responsible for the possible anomalies that can appear. Aplitelc S.L. also reserves the right to modify at any time these general terms and conditions and any other particular conditions. For this reason we advise you to consult them frequently. All the changes come into effect at the same moment they are published in this web. Users’ access to this Site implies the expressed and complete acceptance of the terms of use published when accessing the Site. The user can exercise his rights to oppose, access, correct and/or cancel its personal data, according to the legal regulations in force about data protection, through communication to Aplitelc S.L. personally, by telephone, post, fax or mail.

The possible conflicts related with this web will be exclusively ruled by the right that affects the Spanish State and the autonomous region of Catalonia, being Berga’s court the only competent one. All the users accept the fulfilling and respect of this clause.