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About Aplitelc



Aplitelc Berguedà S.L.U. Currently has a portfolio of more than 340 clients in the various fields of activity in which we are specialized.


  • Agència Catalana de l'Aigua
  • Adelanta
  • Alstom Power S.A
  • Andritz Hydro S.L
  • Adelanta O&M Minihidraúlico S.L
  • Boñar Energía S.L.U
  • Cenpar S.A
  • Cogeneració J.Vilaseca A.I.E
  • Coll Cardus Gas S.L
  • Endesa Generación S.A
  • Endesa Energía S.A.U
  • E.ON Renovables S.L.U
  • Electra Alto Miño S.A
  • Enerbio
  • Energía de Galicia S.A
  • Ercros
  • GE Power Controls Iberica S.L
  • Gestió Solar Sostenible S.L
  • Hera-Amasa S.A
  • Hidroeléctrica da Boavista
  • Hines cal Vidal S.L
  • Hospital Comarcal Sant Bernabé
  • Ibérica de Gestión Industrial S.L
  • Investigación más Desarrollo Energetico Liven S.A
  • Opyce S.A
  • Peusa
  • Royo Energía S.L
  • Salinera de Cardona S.L
  • Sauleda
  • Serradora Boix S.L
  • Sosa Ingredients
  • Talleres J. Vilá S.L
  • Tractaments de Juneda S.A
  • Tradia Telecom S.A
  • Tunel del Cadi S.A
  • U.T.E Tunel Oliola
  • Valoritzacions Agroramaders les Garrigues S.A
  • Voith Hydro S.L
  • Vitogas España S.A


  • Enercon
  • Hidroeléctrica da Boavista (Portugal)
  • Hidropiedra (Panamá)

Aplitelc Berguedà S.L.U. It is a company created in 1991, endorsed by a long family tradition in the electrical sector. He has developed projects throughout Spain and also internationally with works in Panama, Portugal, Guatemala and Costa Rica. He has also developed social work projects in Burundi. We are currently working on our implementation in new international markets.

The most relevant services we offer are the automation of hydroelectric power stations and machinery in general, high and low voltage electrical installations, incorporation of automation of new technologies (PLC, Scada systems), remote management of control systems and central via GSM and renewable energy installations.

Our market is made up of electric companies, telecommunications service companies, auto producers and companies dedicated to the exploitation of renewable energies (hydraulics, wind and solar) and industry in general.

Our company is located in a warehouse in the industrial estate La Sala de Puig-Reig, we have a useful area of 1,300 m² distributed in workshop, warehouse, technical office, quality laboratory, administrative office, offices and services. We have own engineering, after-sales service, maintenance and repair of breakdowns. Our spirit is continuous training and improvement in order to apply the new technologies offered by the market in our sector.


Who we are, where we come from and where we go

Family tradition

Aplitelc Berguedà is born from an important family tradition in the electrical sector

Matapinyana central


The company is established

Aplitelc antic


CH Cabo (Galicia)

First central 5 MW in which Aplitelc develops the entire project

RM 146



We move to the new installations of 1200m2

nau nevada 850


CH Gatonde (Burundi)

Coopoeration Project




First sustainability report

Aplitelc Berguedà S.L.U. publishes the sustainability report since 2011. With the publication of this document the company informs its customers that it remains true to the commitment acquired with the environment and shows the management carried out in all the activities of the year.

Aplitelc sostenible02


CH Bocalatún (Panamà)

First central at an international level




CH Las Cruces (Panamà)

004 control


CH Las Fuentes 2




CH La Cuchilla



Viure de l'aire

We start the maintenance of the air generator of the project "Viure de l'aire" by the Enercon company.



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